Mourning Friends and Eulogizing Celebrities in a Medicated World


Carrie Fisher had a “cocktail” of cocaine, opiates and ecstasy in her system when she went into cardiac arrest at the end of last year. Chris Cornell is said to have died after taking a double dose of Ativan, which led to his “suicide.” Carfentanil, arguably the most dangerous opioid out there, was found in a common batch of meth …


The One-Month Diet Check-in From Hell


For about a month now, I’ve been on a diet. That means no soft bread, rice or even cupcakes that my friends brought over for my birthday. No honey-glazed anything, no stress candy bar from Walgreens and of course, no beer. My old friend, full of smooth, sweet barley and hops. And yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve lost 20 pounds in …


An Open Letter to Baby Jesus and Prayer for the Summer

School's out for summer.

I love my kid and everything but on the last day of school, I needed to pen a quick open letter to Baby Jesus to help get us through the summer. Dear Baby Jesus, As you know, today was the last day of school. That’s right; for twelve weeks our kids are with us 24 hours a day, seven days …