Mourning Friends and Eulogizing Celebrities in a Medicated World


Carrie Fisher had a “cocktail” of cocaine, opiates and ecstasy in her system when she went into cardiac arrest at the end of last year. Chris Cornell is said to have died after taking a double dose of Ativan, which led to his “suicide.” Carfentanil, arguably the most dangerous opioid out there, was found in a common batch of meth in Houston. As if meth isn’t bad enough. And one-by-one, us regular Joes are being affected. Friends, family, acquaintances …

Regardless of how popular we are, we all only have a handful of true blue friends. If my phone rings more than five times in a day, I’m legitimately angry but the truth is, even if it rang 500 – my circle is really pretty small.

In the last eight months or so, I’ve lost an acquaintance to drugs and one of those close friends that I have always counted among my small handful to alcoholism. And maybe it’ll be unpopular to mention what it was that ultimately caused the deaths of these individuals because in the grand scheme of things, we assume that it’s not important. It’s the void that they left and the loss that their friends and family experience that cause all of the pain.

But maybe it is important and necessary to mention the cause of death. Maybe we, as a society, need to hear it.

In jest, I’ve said that drugs are an unnecessary luxury and that everyone should have to feel the same pain that the rest of us suckers do. What makes some people able to handle all of the adversity and dog shit in life and others simply crumble or turn to various dangerous man-made drugs – I will never know.

But here’s what I do know.

Doctors don’t know it all. When you’re prescribed an opiate, a sedative or something else – you need to think long and hard about whether that’s the best choice for you – short and long term. You need to do your own research. Just because your drugs are pushed on you from a prescription pad and filled at a pharmacy, it doesn’t make them any less addictive, dangerous and ultimately – pretty fucking deadly.

I’m tired of fucking mourning friends and eulogizing celebrities.


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