The Best Old School Toys For Your Kids



I don’t know about you, but I am sick to death of all the toys that come and go in my house, with a shelf life of maybe a few months, if that. I swear to God If I see another fidget spinner or remote controlled drone I will go mad.

It seems like most of the toys of today are just made to last a few months before disappearing into whatever part of toy hell is set aside for them. What happened to the days of having one or two toys that would last you a good few years? The youth of today do not appreciate good quality, non-disposable toys and are in the habit of just hopping on from one trend to the next. It’s about time you invested in some toys for your children that will stick around, as well as not feeling guilty for purchasing something that will likely end up at the back of a cupboard or on top of a rubbish heap somewhere.

Some of the best toys to invest in are ones that you can also enjoy and that will stick around and pass the test of time. These timeless toys can be bought for your kids, friends and even for yourself, and are a great way to entertain during the summer months! Below, I have listed three of the most iconic and universally appealing children’s toys that are suitable for children and adults alike.



Good old fashioned board games

There are plenty of modern board games that look like they will pass the test of time, but you can’t ever go wrong with the old classic ones such as Monopoly, Cluedo and Snakes and Ladders. Some board games are more complicated than others, but once they’ve learned the rules and practiced a few times, kids pick them up very quickly. One of the wonderful things about board games is that they are usually multiplayer which allows the whole family to play together.

Teddy bears

From newborn to a toddler, to a child, we all go through many stages in our life, and receiving your first teddy bear is almost a rite of passage in itself. There is a reason that teddy bears and cuddly toys never go out of fashion, and continue to be one of the most popular toys across the world. Your fondness for your old cuddly toys can continue well into your adulthood. If you are feeling nostalgic, there are ‘grown-up’ bears that can give you that same warm fuzzy feeling, good quality that will stay around, such as a hand-made mohair bear, which can be an investment for you as well as your kids, being the perfect gift which will stick around for generations.

Wooden playhouses

As a little person, there is nothing more exciting than playing with your own little personal home. There’s something fun about playing god and creating your little world. Miniature houses allow children to unleash their naturally creative side and build upon their social skills and gain an understanding of the world through role play. Playhouses and dolls houses should not just be for girls either, and fortunately, there are some fantastic gender neutral playhouses on the market to choose from.