Our Girls and The Princess Complex

Our Girls and the Princess Complex

I’m a feminist through and through but when I was pregnant with my daughter, I made a vow to myself. I swore that I would not impress my views upon my child. I wouldn’t force her to wear yellow and green instead of pink (or blue, I guess). I wouldn’t buy her all gender neutral toys instead of Barbies and …

The Best Homework Hack For Parents

Homework Hack for Parents

If you’re the parent of a school-age child, you’ve undoubtedly sat at the kitchen table for at least an hour trying to tackle homework until either you and/or your child is in tears. It’s almost a right of passage. You threaten, you yell and you travel through the stages of grief; it’s shit for the birds all around. Let’s face …


Six Suburban Trends That Need To Go

Inappropriate Suburbanite

Living in the suburbs and what I’d call a fairly affluent area (compared to where I grew up, I guess) there exists certain burgeoning trends that have exploded onto our well-manicured lawns and, well, make me want to blow my fucking brains out. It’s high time someone addressed these trends and suggested places you could, possibly, shove them. Among some …


Five Reasons Girls Are Easier to Raise Than Boys

Girls Are Easier Than Boys

I often hear that boys are easier to raise than girls and I wholeheartedly disagree. My little princess* is a textbook angel. She poses perfectly in photos. She’s always listens to her parents and she’s never asked uncomfortable questions in public.


The Best Ways to Scar Your Kid, Featuring: Tampons

As a fan of both the good, old fashioned pad and her sleeker, hotter and younger sister, the tampon, my daughter has always been exposed to both but I guess she never witnessed how the Skipper of the feminine hygiene world worked. So when she asked me “How does a tampon work anyway?” the other day, I figured needed to answer her.


Mom Coming Out Party

  There are certain expectations of women, especially mothers, which exist in our society. A picture-perfect home, a home-cooked meal, and presentable kids in ironed clothing, sans chocolate face … Many of us have been bucking the system out of downright necessity. We’ve been doing things that prime time television would look down on us for and “perfect” mothers would judge …