Mom Tinder

Mom Tinder Peanut App

So recently I became aware of an app called Peanut.  Peanut is essentially an app to connect with other moms. You’re supposed to be able to find “like-minded mamas near you,” or my friend Jill refers to as “Mom Tinder.” I was absolutely horrified. I never participated in the online dating craze and the whole thing leaves me feeling pretty …


Realistic Parenting Styles

Like many who came before me, my theoretical parenting style (“Understanding Mom” with a touch of “I-Work-And-Don’t-Have-Time-For-This-Shit”) differs greatly from the style I’ve finally adopted (a cross between “Everything’s on Fire!” and “I-Made-This-Shit-With-My-Own-Two-Motherfucking-Hands”). As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more comfortable being myself. I’ve found parents more like me and tossed the inauthentic, insufferable bitches in the discard pile. About …


Work smarter, not harder

The last five years or so have brought modern conveniences that have been criticized by judgmental moms and crazy single people that think they have a busy life but have no idea what being responsible for another human being is like.



Sure, some days I’m happy if my daughter brushed the crust off of her teeth in the morning. Some days I go to sleep after my daughter leaves for school, making sure to be awake before she comes home so she thinks I did “mom shit” all day when I really just napped away my problems.