Marmalade Money: Spreading It Far and Thin

Money. It’s the one thing separating the life of luxury most dream about and deserves… And, the lives they actually have. Unfortunately, now more than ever, money is a crucial part of society. There aren’t many places left on Earth which don’t use some sort of currency. And, the places that don’t are usually untouched by the rest of humanity. In the modern world, if you don’t have money; you will struggle to complete even the most basic of life goals. Finance is required when you get a home or a place to stay, for food and clothing, and, of course, for all of life’s little luxuries. For a mom with very little time or someone who simply works hard for little pay; you have to work incredibly hard to make your life better. And, to help you out, this post will be going through three areas to be careful of and put all of your efforts into


  • Budgeting


Budgeting is one of the hardest parts of money for a lot of people. But, if you find yourself without enough money for a long time; eventually, you’ll struggle to stay afloat at all. Without a good budget in place, it’s impossible to predict changes in your money. And, for most people, you won’t be able to save anything. Creating your budget has to start by rounding up all of the things you have to pay for each month. In most cases, this will be rent or mortgage, bills, taxes, and a whole host of other expenses which have to be paid. Take this out of your monthly income, and, then, think about the money you spend on other essentials, like food and clothing. Be generous here, and take this out of your pool. What you’re left with is money you can save. If you find you spend more than you earn; you’ll have to cut back on something until you can find more income.


Once you have your budget in place; you just have to stick to it. To do this, you’ll need to follow some rules. You should never cut-down on the nice things you have. Instead, it’s better to stop buying them altogether. Doing this for a couple of weeks will make it much easier to control how you shop when you are allowed to spend more again. Working like this can have a big positive impact on the budget. But, it will also make you more aware of your spending. Along with this, you could also start finding things to save for. For example, a house deposit is a great option to work towards. It is a large amount of money. And, the reward at the end is certainly worth it.


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  • Saving


Now, you can start to consider how you’re going to go about saving the money you have left over from your budget. It’s best to have this money separate from the rest of your finances. This limits the possibility that you’ll accidentally burn through it or spend it on things you don’t need. The best sorts of accounts for this are ones with high-interest; but, still, let you have access to the money straight away. Once you have enough to live on for three months in this account, you’ll be able to rest easy and start putting money into something like Bonds. Accounts like this have even better rates; but, you have to wait for them to mature before you can access the money. Of course, you could also look into making other investments on sites like Just make sure you’re aware of the risk before you enter into any arrangement.


The benefits of saving money are huge. To start, you’ll be able to afford things like mortgage deposits and other large purchases. This makes life much more pleasant; as it allows you to start building a solid platform for your life. Along with this, it will also make you a lot more secure. Having money behind you will prepare you for the best and the worst parts of life. Having kids is one of the most expensive tasks you can go through; costing an estimated quarter of a million US dollars to raise them to adulthood. To be a good parent; you have to be prepared for this. But, even if you’re not having kids; it’s best to make sure that you have something saved for stormy seas.


  • Shopping


Now, it’s time to consider the easiest time to break all of these rules; when you’re shopping. As someone who is trying to save as much as possible; every last shopping trip should be handled with military precision. To do this; you need to plan ahead. And, this is where coupons and deals come in. Most stores and websites have constant sales going on. In these sales, you can save money either through deals in the store or coupons you find in magazines and online. Websites like can help you to achieve this goal, by giving you access to hundreds upon thousands of different codes. Some people are able to make their shopping cost almost nothing when they put the right kind of work in.


Of course, it’s best to only use the coupons and deals you find which are online. A lot of people make the mistake of going to physical stores and getting sucked into spending more than they have to. Unfortunately, simply having all of the products laid out before you can make it hard to avoid buying the small treats you love. Shopping online, though, is much easier to restrict. If you refuse to browse and, instead, search for what you need; you won’t have to worry about finding new things to buy. Along with this, you’ll be able to shop at more stores which will increase your chances of finding the very best deals. This sort of effort is worth it, as long as it helps you to keep spending down.


Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what needs to be done; if you want to start working harder on your finances. Making your finances go as far as possible can be a great challenge. But, once you start to achieve this goal; you won’t look back.