Work smarter, not harder

The last five years or so have brought modern conveniences that have been criticized by judgmental moms and crazy single people that think they have a busy life but have no idea what being responsible for another human being is like.


Watching April

I had a million things to do today. I needed to drive across Houston and up the worst highway in town, 290, to pick of my license plates for my new car. I needed to run to Party City. I needed to pick up my contacts from the eye doctor that have been in since Christmas. I needed to clean and …



Sure, some days I’m happy if my daughter brushed the crust off of her teeth in the morning. Some days I go to sleep after my daughter leaves for school, making sure to be awake before she comes home so she thinks I did “mom shit” all day when I really just napped away my problems.

Leadership 101

But Willie from the office can’t lead the regional sales team if he’s going to be a condescending, discriminatory, insulting liar. Without the respect of those you lead, you lack buy-in and you’ll flounder as a leader. You’ll continuously face mutiny – large and small. And that makes for a poor leader.